Ranch-style homes are single-story in character.   Ranch homes offer attached garages, open and uncluttered floor plans and uncomplicated exteriors.  A variation on the ranch design is the split-level and the bi-level, which has two different levels.  A raised ranch has the lower level (which was a basement) moved up to ground level for maximum living space.  Ranch-style homes feature open floor plans throughout. This means all of the major rooms flow one into the other.   For example, a living room may be undivided by a wall separating it from a dining room or kitchen. A garage attached to the home is the norm as well. A well-designed ranch-style home will usually have large windows. This is especially the case for the living room, which can feature a large picture window. Sliding glass doors can lead doors lead to a patio area. There are unlimited styles of ranch modular homes.  A typical Ranch modular home has 2 or more sections.