Modular Home Builder in New Jersey

Modular Homes in New Jersey

While modular homes have been used for decades, they have begun gaining popularity throughout the United States once again. At Atrium Development Co., we are one of the most reputable modular home builders in NJ, with more than 30 years experience. Our primary focus is to ensure our customers receive the NJ modular homes they desire, with the utmost quality in both craftsmanship and materials.

Quality Modular Home Builders in New Jersey

If you want a modular home in NJ, you can’t find a better company than Atrium. At Atrium, we work hard to ensure our New Jersey modular homes meet and exceed the building codes set forth by the federal, state and local governments to ensure your home will pass all inspections. In addition to exceeding the building codes, we also exceed the energy efficiency guidelines put in place by the EPA, allowing our customers to save even more money on their energy bills going into the future. As a NJ modular home builder we want you to be completely happy in your new home.

Build Your Home

The modular homes in NJ we offer are built in the factory with the utmost quality in mind. Once your home has been constructed in modules at the factory, we will safely transport it to the property of your choice. Once there, our qualified New Jersey modular home builders will put your home together so you can move into your new home and be proud of your new home.